Apr 8, 2020

Faith and Family Circle: There is so much to love about April

Faith and Family Circle: There is so much to love about April: www.faithandfamilycircle.blogspot.com

 I call April a month of new beginnings,.

There is so much to love about April

I call April a month of new beginnings, and besides, November and December, April is my favorite season of the year!! I love the new flowers, leaves, grass, and all of the newness of the outside!!  They say, April showers brings May Spring flowers. Where I live, March showers has been bringing in the April flowers!! But this year, April showers are now coming in pretty regular, and I just love it, love it, love it!!   I have the most beautiful white baby breast trees in my yard that takes my breath away!  They stay pretty around three weeks. I wish these beauties would hang around much longer !   Besides those beautiful baby breathe trees. I enjoy hearing  the birds and squirrels chirping and the nice cool wind that blows in my hair and my face whenever I'm outside laying back in my lawn chair.

Besides all of this, I love to start gardening in April. I found a few blackberry plants from Sams Club that I set out on my porch. I want my son to see how they grow and tell him the story that we, as kids used to eat during the spring and early summer. Where I grew up, we had fields full of black berries that we used to pick and our mom would make black berry cobbler!! Where we live now, there are no black berries in sight which is so odd to me.  Besides  the virus, there are plenty of things to be grateful for and this is a time that we can now teach our children about nature and how we grew up as children.  Thanks for reading this information, and feel free to add your thoughts and ideas. May God bless the USA.