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Aug 5, 2015

The Family Pet

I've always made sure that our son and family had a pet because for me, it's nothing like seeing a child and a pet grow together and evolving into  a loving relationship!  In this post, I will share the benefits and joy of having a family pet. First of all If you have one child a pet can be a huge deal!  I only had one child who's a boy, and boys love puppies and dogs.  Out of respect, we asked our six year old son what kind of pet he wanted, and he quickly replied, a puppy! So our son's cousin gave him a little girl puppy and he named her diamond. In his eyes, diamond was special. I loved to see him come home from school and they would hug and hug and play together.  At last, our son wasn't lonely anymore!  Some may say, well, why didn't you have him a brother or sister?  Well, I'll have to say, I tried but was not successful.  So, in my conclusion, I encourage parents to get a family pet of your child's choice because of all the reasons I'll share below.

  1. a pet can be a child's best friend
  2. a pet can bring joy to a child
  3. a pet can be like a brother or sister to a child
  4. a pet can be something they can love
  5. a pet can be something a child can play with
  6. a pet can be something a child can care for
  7. a pet can be something to keep a child company
  8. a pet can help a child feel protected
Can you think of any other benefits to add to this list?

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