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Jul 28, 2015

The Beauty and Woes of adoption

I want to share this post to shed some personal light on adoption.  I wasn't adopted, but my father was adopted when he was only five or six years of age, I asked him to share his adoption experiences with me so that I can get an understanding of his up bringing.  Let me back up  a little bit.  I wasn't raised by my father but we united when I was around forty-three years old.  After we united, we began talking and sharing our life experiences with each other, and he told me he was adopted, so me being me, I wanted to know the whole story the good and the ugly.  He told me that he was adopted at the age of five or six and he had two other siblings and couldn't remember their names because he was too young to remember. I felt really sad for him.  He told me that they all were adopted by different families and he wanted to try to find them and his mother and father.  He told me about the harrow of being raised by strangers! He even remembered his first day with his adopted family and how they all starred at him when he came inside and how scared he was because he was with people he didn't know. He told me that when he god older, he got spankings every single day because he would break the rules.  Knowing what my father childhood was like naturally brought tears to my eyes, and I felt so bad for him.  Looking back at what he told me four years ago, may not have been as bad as it could have been. Had he stayed with his biological family,  who knows, it's possible that he could have had an even worse experience than what he had.  At least they cared enough to encourage him to finish high school. Adoption can be a beautiful thing for a child or children.  A lot of children have be shuffled around from foster home to foster home, and they just wish that someone would adopt them so that they wont be shifted from place to place like they're less than humans. Do you know someone who was adopted that would like to share their views on this subject? If so, I would love to hear what they have to say.